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Drain Cleaning

Piping Repair & Replacement

Water Pipe Repair and Replacement Arlington

The arteries of your plumbing systems are the water distribution piping that is below the floors and in the walls of your home. This water system’s job is to deliver fresh (potable) water to your faucets and fixtures. Over the years, many different piping materials have been used for the main water system in a home and because of the pressure used to push water through the system, water pipes can develop corrosion, leaks, and breaks. If you have a leaking pipe, dripping pipe, corroded pipe, or broken pipe, you can trust that Dapper Plumbing can make the right repair for you and your family. Our fully stocked trucks carry all of the fittings we need to fix Pex, copper, CPVC, galvanized, and PVC water pipes.

Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement Arlington

Equally important as the freshwater coming in is the drain and sewage water going out. Your home drain waste and venting system are what carry the sewage from your home to your private septic system or city sewer, depending on where you live. Problems with your home drain system can result in drain backups, sewer gas smells, and leaks as well as drain leaks. Because it’s so important to have a healthy drain and sewage piping in your home, you’ll want the pros at Dapper to help fix, repair or replace any drain piping issues you may have. Some of the most common repairs we perform on our clients’ drain systems are:

  • P-Trap repair and replacement
  • Toilets leaking at the base
  • Cast iron pipe repair and replacement
  • PVC drain pipe repair and replacement
  • Sewer gas leak repair
  • Kitchen sink drain leaks

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